Friday, 26 June 2015


8th    Wednesday
Leave UCC at 9am to travel by coach ( Alba Travel) to  Manchester airport      Fly Qatar Airline
Flight QR 024 to Doha 14.45-23.45 and then QR 1349 1.55-7.25 to Dar Es Salaam

9th    Thursday
Transfer from Julius Nyerere Airport in Dar Es Salaam to Jangwani Sea Breeze for two nights rest and recovery

10th  Friday
Visits in and around Dar Es Salaam
Visit Tinga Tinga workshops,  craft workshops and supermarket    
11th  Saturday
Transfer to  Bethsaida Girls Orphanage and 4 Students to Morogoro for Gap medics week          
Staff will escort medics to Morogoro before returning to Bethsaida to re-join group

12th  Sunday
Bethsaida- ice breaker activities and planning a show for final evening, introductions and journal sharing     http://oloforphans.or/index/php/en/gallery

13th  Monday
Bethsaida teaching across the school all year group 7.30 start!
14th  Tuesday
Bethsaida teaching         

15th  Wednesday
Bethsaida teaching        
Final evening show and sharing.

16th  Thursday
Leave Bethsaida to transfer to Travellers Lodge at Bogomoyo

17th  Friday
Working with AMAP in Bogomoyo, visit to Nianjema school !amap-preschool/c1ub7

18th  Saturday
Rest and relaxation at Bogomoyo. Cultural visits to Slave Museum-collect 4 students Morogoro    Collect medics from Morogoro. Escorted by staff

19th  Sunday
Rest and relaxation. Local football teams event.  

20th  Monday
Working all day AMAP school, planned lessons.  

21st  Tuesday
Transfer from Bogomoyo to Mikumi wildlife park

22nd Wednesday
Wildlife Park Morning and Evening safari drives   

23rd  Thursday
Wildlife Park Morning     

24th  Friday
Early departure for Julius NyerereAirport then transfer to Mizangani Sea Front Hotel Precision Air Flight PW715 18.40-19.10

25th  Saturday
Stonetown shopping and cultural visits. India to Julius Nyerere Airport for PW 423 1500-15.30 for Dar Es Salaam
Staff to escort India to Airport in Stonetown

26th  Sunday      Transfer from Stone town to Coast- 

27th  Monday
Rest and relaxation Visitors Inn , swimming and snorkelling on the Indian Ocean

28th  Tuesday
Very Early transfer to Airport for flight to Dar Es Salaam        Precision Airways Flight PW 710 10.35-11.05 to Dar es Salaam, Qatar Flight QR 1348 17.25-23.45 to Doha  and QR021  to 1.30-7.10 to Manchester

29th  Wednesday
Arrive Manchester 7.10 travel by coach (Alba Travel) to UCC expected arrival 11.30-12MD           

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