Sunday, 12 July 2015

Day 2

Blog day 2           10-7-15

India Vecqueray

On Thursday night we stayed at Jangwani sea breeze hotel. We woke up for 8 o’clock for gorgeous pancakes with Nutella and a huge range of delicious pastries sitting in the lovely covered breakfast area by the pool in the morning sun. The first adventure of the day involved visiting a museum somewhere in Dar Es Salaam. Two lovely men showed us around in separate groups. The museum exhibited a range of housing and settlements that the people of Tanzania had lived in in the past. It was really interesting and rather funny at just how sexist the man who was showing us round was (he was nice about it though); for example the young wife (because there are many) is not allowed to leave her hut or the area surrounding it unless accompanied by a man, the woman does absolutely everything but can’t hold responsibility because they are incapable and the man just takes all the credit but never mind, its just part of their culture. After the tour five or so ladies gave us a traditional dance, it was super!!! It involved a lot of stamping and shout/singing, they also had bells attached to their ankles. In the end they got us all up to dance which was really fun.

After the museum we were driven to Tinga Tinga which is a cooperative market which means that the actual artist of the crafts and painting get all the money. I think it’s definitely been my favourite part of the trip so far. There was so many beautiful things to buy and the paintings were spectacular! Because there are no actual price for individual items you have to haggle with the sellers, which was daunting at first but I think everyone got quite into it in the end, I got my painting and other items for at least half the price than was originally set and the guy that was selling me them was really nice.

For lunch, most of us had pizzas in a fab restaurant on the sea front, we then had ice creams before getting back on the bus back to the hotel. I actually really really enjoy the bus rides because we get to see so much of the city and get a passing glimpse of so many peoples different lives, and everyone waves and a few blew kisses which is nice because despite the poverty so many of them are in they are still so kind and cheerful; something that I’ve noticed with everyone we’ve come into contact with.

We spent the afternoon relaxing back at the hotel, which involved swimming and playing funny card games and consequences before going to bed.

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