Sunday, 12 July 2015


Blog day 3           10-7-15

Emma Cunningham


The day started with breakfast at 8 which consisted of chicken sausages, fried potatoes and beans. After packing and loading up the buses with the Massi warriors we took an hour long journey to the orphanage. The roads were horrendous, there were big craters and deep puddles with Tuk Tuks, cars, buses and people carrying huge piles of plastic bottles or eggs on the back of bikes. The buses don’t have suspension so we were all bouncing around especially the people sitting on the fold out seats which were in the middle of the isle. We reached a lorry stuck horizontally across the road completely blocking it off so we had to turn round and go a different way but eventually we reached the orphanage. The grounds are made up of plain concrete buildings and gardens with sheds of chickens and little vegetable patches. We unloaded our bags and put them in the dormitory which was better than expected although everyone was horrified by the toilets, there’s squatting involved. Mr Tuer told me to say that going to the toilet has reached a whole new level(a lower level) .There was also a lizard that came in and caused a minor panic, I think there’s a few holes in the wall. Next we went and chilled in the sitting room in the staff house and outside whilst the girl guides were visiting the orphans. We were sat outside and me and Charlotte Cousin were sharpening pencils and suddenly about 4 monkeys appeared at the bottom of the garden, they just sat on the wall for a bit and started to leap through the trees then disappeared. Then we had lunch made by Josephine which was really nice it was pasta and a red vegetable sauce, it’s really important not to waste here because none of the orphanage girls are allowed the food we have, so we need to clear our plates. Once the girls were finished singing with the girl guides, we went down to the hall and they sung a song for us about being happy which was really nice, so we all stood up and introduced ourselves and then got into groups. We went and sat outside and went through our diaries. My group were all 16-18 except one 14 year old so their English  was pretty good, they asked a lot of questions and were really interested in boyfriends, music like Beyonce and my hair. I had two girls leaning against me stroking my hair and Catherine was plaiting it. They also couldn’t get over my nail vanish, they kept touching my nails I’m not sure that they’ve ever seen it before. Then they showed me around the school and all the class rooms whilst taking it in turns holding my hand, they are full of little tables and chairs with stacks of exercise books and a blackboard. Then three girls in my group sat me down and we did the cup song together, they all knew it and could sing along and everything. Next we put the mosquito nets down and got changed into our longer clothes and went for dinner which was peas in sauce and rice which was really nice again and the nuns made us cakes. Now we’ve been sat in the sitting room playing cards and me, Amy, Charlotte C and Joanna have been putting up with Mr Tuers singing. Our group has become the ‘Wolf Pack’ I have no idea why apparently it’s from the Hangover movie, but there’s a chant and we are all obligated to fist bump at every opportunity. People are starting to go to bed now even though its only 9 o clock some of us have to get up at 6 to go to church with the girls at 8 and for some to go to medics.



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  1. Hello Wolf pack and other packs, thanks for the update, it all sounds extremely exciting! I haven't commented on a blog before so am not aware of the rules but will put in a hash tag somewhere for good measure. Monkeys, wow! People stroking your hair, wow! The food sounds great and although the toilets involve squatting, they will be the source of many good stories when you get home so that makes them good value from my point of view. Sorry to be cheesy but I just wanted to say it all sounds awesome and it's great to read about your activities so thanks everyone # :)