Friday, 17 July 2015

Day 4

Blog day 4           12-7-15
Eden Stephenson

Today, the gap medics left to go to Morogoro with Val and Mr Tuer at 7am. The journey took them over 4 hours each way and so Mr Tuer and Val were gone for most of the day. Some of us were able to have a lie-in though as we didn’t have to go to breakfast until just after 8. Josephine the cook came in especially to make it for us. We had croissants and other pastries as well as bananas and peanut butter. After breakfast, we had a bit of free time before the others returned from the church and we were able to go down to meet the girls again. The weather was really nice so I sat outside the house for a while, while other people played cards or walked around the orphanage. A few of us then went outside of the orphanage and just up the road to a small shop/café to buy some drinks. When we came back it was time to get into groups and start planning our lessons for the next few days. There are three different groups, one teaching first aid, one building volcanoes and one making a documentary of the orphanage and what the girls lives are like living here. We had to write out our lesson plans and how we were planning to break the ice with the girls, so that they would feel more comfortable around us. Everyday, the girls all gather together in the main hall for prayer and song and today we got invite in to watch. The songs that they sing are incredible, it is amazing how their voices fill the entire hall so Miss Allen had an idea that we could record the girls singing to make a CD. We then got a chance to meet the girls again so we took down some footballs and netballs to play with them. We started playing a game of piggy in the middle an played with them for a couple of hours before we then had to go and put our mosquito nets down in our dorms before we went down for dinner at around 7. Tonight we had rice with beans in a sauce which was actually really nice. After dinner, Mr Moss and Miss Jansz made a game using mime and simple English words to help us to communicate with the younger girls who don’t speak very good English. We were all given two words and had to create an action to help the girls understand what the word was. For example if the word was ‘tired’ we acted as if we were going to sleep. We then all told a fact about ourselves using actions and mime to help us improve on our body language.

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