Friday, 17 July 2015

Day 6

Blog day 6           14-7-15

Charlotte Fabi
Another early morning wakeup I somehow crawled out of the bunk bed. After breakfast there was another day of lessons staring at 7:30am I was teaching first aid to the girls this consisted of Dr ABC, recovery position, how to perform CPR on an adult, child and baby and how to wrap bandages. The girls were very interested and valued our time with them because many want to be doctors and nurses, these are the basic skills they will need. Later in the day I helped Josephine cook lunch which consisted of salad, rice and sauce. In Tanzania they use a lot of salt to flavour foods and mostly eat vegetables. Josephine preferred to use a coal fire than an electrical hob because it allows the food to be cooked at a slower pace therefore reduces the risk of burning the food. I an looking forward to cooking these meals for my family because they were simple but yummy. The girls make cards in their free time and sell them to raise money for the school. So in the late afternoon we watched the girls make some cards and bought some cards they were amazing (I loved the African animals on the cards). Pendo was the chief card maker and perfected Mr Moss and Mrs Janz cards so that they were spotless!! We were treated like kings and queens in the evening with a dinner of salad, chips, chicken and even pizza!! I was stuffed but it was really good. After dinner we chilled out and played card games while I write this blog and trying not to fall asleep (let’s hope I make it down to the dorms!!)

P.s I am sorry for the spelling mistakes cause I am to tried to re-read this blog, good thing it’s not an exam !

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