Friday, 17 July 2015

Day 7

Blog day 7           15-7-151

So today began similarly to yesterday, except with the commodity of an extra 30 minutes in bed, which was much needed. Sleeping in a private room with my exclusive double bed, I had some sympathy for the girls sleeping arrangements although I still struggled with the early starts!
Throughout the day we taught grade 1 and 2(the least English speaking students), and much to my delight they spoke awesome English, making for minimal awkward pauses where the girls talk in Swahili and laugh (probably laughing at me). The lessons finished early today at 12:30 where the select few ,drama elite, students rehearsed for a memorable Cinderella pantomime. I wasn’t taken with the idea of performing as the king, but when in Tanzania…

The play went down really well, the kings performance was ‘passable’ but the stars of the show were Mr Moss and Mr Tuer, the two ugly step sisters (a slightly disturbing, yet comical affair).

After the pantomime the girls put on a fierce catwalk  parade of their homemade dresses, a collection of farewell songs and lovey drum playing. When the night had finished we were swamped by upset girls saying goodbye and offering gifts. No to go as far as saying it was upsetting I had reserves about leaving (cliché).

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