Friday, 17 July 2015

Day 8

Blog day 8   16-7-15


After saying our farewells last night the morning pack up was calm yet efficient. We said our fond goodbyes to the holes in the ground (aka the toilets) and set off for Bogamoyo. The journey lasted for around two hours with an interesting route of rollercoaster roads containing many obstacles such as goats, mud piles and broken down trucks. When we arrived at Travellers Lodge we were amazed at the amount of greenery surrounding us as we walked through a jungle environment, but also slightly scared at the mention of every single type of snake in the east part of Africa sharing this location with us. Our rooms consist of beautiful huts that are less than a minute to the sea. When we were settled in we visited the town to get some lunch. Following Tanzania time we ended up eating about two hours after we had ordered but it was worthwhile in the end.
Next we visited Saidi and his school where we will be helping out tomorrow. It is very basic but the amount of work that he has put into it to give children an education is truly amazing. We then visited Pili who makes any type of clothing you want out of some amazing fabrics. A few of us ordered some clothes to be made. Finally we hit the beach with palm trees and blue sky surrounding us and warm sea water making it actually enjoyable to swim in. Overall the day was relaxing but interesting with many new experiences made.

Ps. (Happy Birthday Dad! Hope you had as good a day as I did!)

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